Saturday, August 23, 2008

Christians and lies

I've noticed there are a lot of Christians who resort to flat-out lies to try to spread their message. If they truly believe in God and Jesus and the message that Jesus taught, how can they in good conscience use a LIE to try to convert people to their religion?

Here's what I'm specifically referring to. There are many stories like this floating around the internet. One talks about a young college student who puts an "atheist professor" in place during an argument over whether evil exists and whether God created evil. At the very end of the story is the line "That young man's name -- Albert Einstein."

The story never happened. It's made up. It's a lie. Somebody took time to fabricate this story, to carefully pen a lie. What was going through the author's mind when he or she wrote this? Were they consciously thinking, "I'm going to make up a lie and spread it try to convert people to my good religion." (Besides, the story indirectly implies that Einstein was a Christian, which he was NOT. He was of Jewish background.)

I've seen this in many places. I've seen it not just in reference to religion but in politics as well. Do people really believe they're being sincere if they have to resort to lies to spread their message to get people to buy into their religion? And what does that say about their religion?

One has to wonder what goes on in the offices of Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum. When their backs are against the wall with some new scientific research, do they sit around trying to figure out how to bend it and twist it to make it look wrong? Do they have a team of people staying up late at night until one of them suddenly declares, "Aha! I got it! Here's how we can make it look like the research is flawed! And with the vast majority of Americans having no training in science, they'll easily buy into this totally made-up story!"

We also have examples in portraying people's characters. I've seen many Christians try to demonize non-believers, suggesting that we're trying to turn the world into an evil place where sex abuse and drugs are rampant, with children having sex with animals is commonplace and everybody does harmful illegal drugs. Again, they're spreading lies. Is that what their religion is all about?

Surely there are people who are preachers or bishops or priests or whatever who are aware of the deception yet doing nothing about it. (Remember, a lot of people high up in the Catholic Church consciously covered up the sexual abuse that was going on. Clearly there IS dishonesty taking place.)

If their message is so real and good, then why would they have to resort to lies? Sphere: Related Content


Agnostic Anarch said...

So. . . Obama isn't a Muslim?! Dear sweet cheeses! It's another lie!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, i noticed that too.
Ever notice how they list as valid extrabiblical sources like Josephus in their systematic theologies(i think that was Geisler), even though most scholars say it was an interpolation?

I am sure you realize that religion is based on emotional appeal,they especially like to use fear. Fear often overpowers the rational mind, which is why you get even very smart people doing stupid things.

Wasn't there a passage in one of the epsitles where Paul pretty much admits to lying to spread the gospels?

Here it is:
Romans 3:7
"For if the truth of God hath more abounded through my lie unto his glory; why yet am I also judged as a sinner? "

I seem to recall Paul repeatedly saying, i lie not, i lie not...Apparently someone was calling him a liar. (Rom 9:1, 2Cor 11:31, Gal 1:20)
So i guess this has been a longstanding tendency?

of course, no discussion of "christian lies" would be complete without mentioning the numerous christians who claim to have been human sacrificing members of a movement of witches worshipping Satan and eating babies...and later it has been shown that these folks are less than truthful.
Here is a Wiccan police officer that exposes these people: