Friday, December 5, 2008

UNC Chapel Hill Library: No Christmas Trees

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I just found this news item. This year, the library at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill campus will not have any Christmas trees in the lobby although in the past they have done so.

Tomorrow (Saturday) we'll probably see more news on this, but here's a link to the story:

UNC-Chapel Hill Library Drops Christmas Trees

(Just for clarification for those not familiar with the university, Chapel Hill is the name of the town. This is not a private or Christian school.)

It should be interesting to see how people react to this, but it's important to realize that this was their own decision to do so -- no "militant atheists" sued them or anything like that. Sphere: Related Content


Evilshadow said...

Well if you read the bible it tells you that Christmas trees are very very bad. So realy it should be millitant christians who did it realy, but no thats tradition now so thats not realy going to happen is it...makes you wonder how many people actually know what the bible says dosen't it?

Anonymous said...

They took down the xmas trees so that the atheists didn't have a chance to put up a sign. :)

I love xmas trees, they're cute and fun to look at, and ours is full of crazy misfit toys. It doesn't get much cooler than that.

Nigel said...

I love Christmas trees at Yuletide precisely because they are a great pagan symbol - just get rid of the angel or star on top and you're back with a good old Yule log! Huzzah!

Tommy Paul Strader said...

My comment is too long to post here, 6474 words, detailing my Escape From Christianity. So I posted it as the web page at http://Cosmick.Net