Friday, December 5, 2008

Escaping Christianity: "Atheists take aim at Christmas"

This article made the top stories on CNN this morning:

Atheists take aim at Christmas

(Dan Barker, head of the Freedom From Religion Foundation is interviewed in it.)

As the author of Christian No More, I thought I'd provide my take on this. I hear people saying that we non-believers are trying to attack Christmas and even take it away. But that's not the point here. The point is that a government agency should not have the right to single out a religion (in this case, Christianity) and use taxpayer money to fund any kind of sign or symbol--unless they also provide equal time to other religions and beliefs (or non-beliefs as the case may be).

And yet, I am always hearing how Christians feel attacked. If you're curious for more on my take on this, check out my book! I talk about how Christians feel persecuted when in fact, they're the majority in the US, and how atheists are all to often quieted. I also talk about this supposed "attack" on Christmas.

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Mike C. said...

Hi Mark - just visiting your blog for the first time. One argument Christians often use when trying to get Christianity into government is that atheists are restricting religious freedom by not allowing Christmas trees in government offices. A good test for this is the Allah test. Say the mayor of a city is Muslim, and wants to shut down a street for a Ramadan festival. Is that acceptable? Why not? This won't sway many Christians into realizing that they're the ones limiting religious freedom, but it will wake up a few on-the-fence people that separation of church and state is important, and wingnuts whining about Christmas trees are the ones eroding it.

Christian said...

I'm Christian and don't even see why we would need money from the government. Just let us be, and we shouldn't need the government.