Sunday, March 22, 2009

Satan made her do it!

It's amazing the way people will rationalize things. In this news article, a woman was charged with theft from a church. Over the course of three years, she stole over $70,000. She sounds pretty sad and remorseful, but I think it's also sad that she's ultimately blaming it on some supposed external force, Satan, as if it's his fault and not hers.

Here's the news article.

Curious to the former Christians reading this: When you did things you knew were wrong, did you ever rationalize them and blame it on Satan? Sphere: Related Content


Joe Ganci said...

Yes, it was all too easy to blame the big bad guy and not take full responsibility myself. Now I'm responsible for everything I do! Aargh!

Mary Hall-Bailey said...

I can't believe I ever thought "Satan made me do it" was a legitimate and valid excuse for my behavior. What was I thinking?